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Delete FXP Files 2009

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JRTwine Software, LLC is proud to announce the general release of Delete FXP Files 2009!

Delete FXP Files 2009 is the latest release of the Delete FXP Files product.  Delete FXP Files 2009 is an application that provides you with a advanced GUI you can use to easily locate and delete stubborn directories and filenames.  Many times, these kinds of files/directories are the direct result of getting "tagged", which can happen if your system is exposed to the Internet.  This usually results in various folders and/or files being created that contain reserved identifiers which confuse Windows® Explorer®, making it difficult to delete them.  It has all the same great features of the original version with additional features and a more full-featured GUI.

Delete FXP Files 2009 

This new version of the product contains a completely redesigned GUI that makes it easier than ever to use the product to its fullest potential! It also contains new features, such as integrated file viewers, which allow you to examine the contents of a file as text or binary, a new way of displaying the file list (Windows XP only), and complete control over delete-on-reboot and rename-on-reboot operations.

New!  You can now view a web-version of Delete FXP Files 2009's help documentation by clicking here.

New features include:
Complete support for Rename operations - you can rename an item, schedule an item for rename-on-reboot, and can even do a recursive rename scan, to rename suspect items in an entire filesystem tree.
Process Finder now has the ability to reach into a remote process and close any open handles to the file/folder being checked, so you can get access to a file or directory without terminating the process that is using it.  (Note: Process Finder may not work correctly on Windows Vista® or higher.)
You can now even undo pending delete-on-reboot or rename-on-reboot operations from within Delete FXP Files (even if those operations were not scheduled by Delete FXP Files).
  And more!

New GUI changes include:
The Shortcuts Pane, which allows you to store commonly-used locations for quick and easy access.  Shortcuts are easily added by dragging and dropping folders from Explorer into the Shortcuts Pane.
The Output/Logging Pane is used for logging of all actions for debugging or problem resolution, and to keep track of scanning operation results. 
The Resources Pane puts all physical, logical and network drives and mappings in a single, easy to reach location.
The Caption Bar provides quick and easy information about the current location and allows you to select all suspect items with a single click.
The new Info Pane provides quick, at-a-glance details on the selected item.
Events and operations can be associated with sounds (using the standards Windows sounds control panel applet) so you can hear when a suspect item is detected or when a scan completes.
The file list can optionally use the new Group View mode (available on Windows XP and above) to better help you find items of interest.

Multiple Skins are available, so that you can choose the appearance that best suits your needs, and complete control over the customization of the interface.
  And more!

Some other new features include...
A built-in File Viewer allows you to examine the contents of files on your system, so you can see if a suspect file contains anything of interest.  File contents can be viewed as ANSI text, Unicode text, or binary data.  You can also specify an external viewer to use.
An optional Popup message can be used to alert you of the presence of suspect items.
A Descend to First Leaf function which allows you to quickly navigate to the first found leaf of a directory hierarchy.
New Wizards simplify some common tasks and provide assistance when problems occur such as hard-to-delete files.  (*This is still in development.) 
A new Alerts feature allows you to have a custom alert message generated when certain conditions exist.  (*This is still in development.) 
New scripting ability allows you to create custom actions that will be automatically executed in response to certain events.  For example, you would be able to create a script that automatically makes a copy any item that is deleted. (*This is still in development.)  Scripts plan to use the TOOL language initially and may expand to use the Microsoft Scripting Engines.

As well as general improvements to the product including more robust handling of ownership issues and better handling of deletion failures including possible suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

Of course, you still get the same great functionality that previous versions of Delete FXP Files had, such as...

The Whitelist, which allows you to specify names that should never be considered suspect.
The Blacklist, which allows you to specify additional names that should be considered suspect.
Suspect file scanning which allows for easy locating of suspect items within a filesystem.
That good old deletion power!
Delete on Reboot for files that are already in use.
Take Ownership (which can even work recursively, now!)
  And all rest of the other stuff that you know and love!

A new Technician's License (AKA the Service License) will be available in the future which allows IT service professionals to temporarily install a legal, fully licensed but lime-limited copy of the Delete FXP Files 2009 product with the functionality of a Standard Edition License on an as-needed basis on client machines.  The typical scenario where this is useful is where a service person goes on-site to a client, installs the product on a client's machine to handle some situation, and then uninstalls it when done.  This scenario can be repeated up to 250 times per year under the terms of the new Technician's license.

Also, a new QuickFix License will be available.  Our research has shown that some users only need the product's functionality for a very short time, usually a day or two to eliminate one or two stubborn files or folders.  Rather than have users purchase a complete License for the product, they can now purchase a time-limited QuickFix License.  This license enables the same functionality as the Standard Edition license, but is only valid for 5 days and costs less than $10 (USD)!  This is usually more than enough time to correct many different problems.

The different licenses and their enabled functionality are detailed in the table below.
License Demo/Unregistered Lite QuickFix /
Standard /
Unlimited Deletions No - limited to 5 deletions
and 10 days of usage
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Recursive Folder Deletion No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Delete On Reboot No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Rename No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Take Ownership No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Auto Take Ownership No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Descend to First Leaf Folder No No Yes! Yes!
Multi-select Delete and Delete on Reboot No No Yes! Yes!
Undo Pending Delete/Rename on selected Item No No Yes! Yes!
View & Undo all Pending Delete/Rename on Reboot Operations No No Yes! Yes!
Internal File Viewers No No Yes! Yes!
Process Finder* No No Yes! Yes!
Network/UNC Path Support No No Yes! Yes!
Auto-Rename all Suspect Items No No No Yes!
Whitelist No No No Yes!
Blacklist No No No Yes!
Scan No No No Yes!
* Process Finder may not function correctly under Windows Vista

Be sure to select the License that contains the features that you need.  Note that a new licensing system and payment processor are in use.  This new system requires online installation and validation of licenses.  If you are unable to install a licensed version of the product on a system that has Internet connectivity, please contact us for more information.

Currently, only the Lite and Standard Editions are available.  They will be followed by the QuickFix and Server Editions shortly thereafter, and finally by the Technician's Edition.

License Type Price (in USD) Purchase Links
Lite $14.99


QuickFix $9.99 (Not Yet Released)
Standard $24.99


Server $44.99 (Not Yet Released - see Delete FXP Files Classic)
Technician's $350
(allows for 250 short-term registrations for a 1-year term)
Contact Us for more information

Important Note Regarding License Purchase & Installation:

If you already have a Demo/Unregistered version of Delete FXP Files 2009 installed when you decide to purchase a license, you MUST uninstall it before going through with your purchase.  Upon completion of your purchase you will be provided with a link to a download manager that will locate and download a special installation package that is appropriate for the license that you purchased.

Again: the download manager will deploy your license key on your system and will download an up-to-date installer for Delete FXP Files 2009.  By using this special installation package, your license should auto-install the next time you launch Delete FXP Files 2009.  Please make sure you understand this before making your purchase.

Remember: a working, active Internet connection is required for installation of the license, periodic verification of the license, and automatic update checking.  Please do not purchase a license for the product if you do not agree to this.

Note: there are a few message boards and tech-related sites that have recommended the Delete FXP Files product line to their community.  We greatly appreciate this - since we are a small software company, we could use all the support we can get.  To help repay this effort, we will be glad to provide special license purchase links to these sites so that their users can purchase licenses for Delete FXP Files at a discounted price.  If you are interested, please send an email to custserv(at)jrtwine(dot)com and indicate the site that you manage/own, direct links to existing threads/posts involving the product (the more the better) and the kind of link you would like.

Site owners that want a piece of the pie can sign up to be an affiliate (see http://www.regnow.com) and earn up to 30% of all sales generated through your affiliate link.

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